Commissioner of Affidavits

Requirements for being appointed as a Commissioner of Affidavits

 orange bullet icon A letter applying to become a Commissioner of Affidavits
 orange bullet icon A recent resume
 orange bullet icon 2 references
 orange bullet icon A Copy of 2 National Identifications

The application is sent to a Screening Committee for consideration. If approved, the applicant is called in for an interview.

If approval is granted, a memorandum is sent to the Head of Special Branch for a security report to be done.

In the case of appointment a Commissioner of Affidavits when the security report returns all the information is compiled into a temporary file along with a Warrant of Appointment. This is forwarded to the following persons for signature:-
 1. Administrative Officer II (Solicitor Generals Department)
 2. Solicitor General
 3. Attorney General

Upon return, notification of the appointment is sent to the following for their information:-

 orange bullet icon Registrar General
 orange bullet icon Registrar, Supreme Court of Judicature
 orange bullet icon Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Security
 orange bullet icon Chief Magistrate
 orange bullet icon Commissioner of Police
 orange bullet icon Commissioner of Prisons
 orange bullet icon Government Printer

A letter is then sent to the individual giving instructions on what procedure should be taken when coming in to collect their letter of appointment.