Civil Child Authority

Strengthening Ties and Promoting Connectivity
Civil Child Abduction Authority hosts meeting of Stakeholders


Civil Child AuthorityRepresentatives of several Government agencies including the Police Service and the Immigration Division, Embassies and key NGO’s comprised a wide cross-section of stakeholder agencies which met in November 2008 with officials from the Civil Child Abduction Authority. This initiative was in keeping with a bid to facilitate inter-agency connectivity among key stakeholders following the proclamation of the International Child Abduction Act 2008 on October 15th 2008 and the subsequent positioning of the Civil Child Abduction Authority in the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Legal Consultant at the Ministry of the Attorney General Nafeesa Mohammed endorsed the statements of the Honourable Attorney General and added, in her capacity as Chairman of the meeting, that the speedy implementation of the International Child Abduction Act 2008 would ensure that several outstanding issues would be immediately addressed. She also noted that the stakeholders’ meeting was meant to facilitate dialogue in addressing issues such as pending child abduction matters and identifying systems and processes necessary for the effective functioning of the Civil Child Abduction Authority as well as any areas of overlap between agencies and organizations.

The meeting of stakeholders was held at the NALIS Conference Centre at the Ministry of Public Administration.