The Chief Parliamentary Counsel

The Chief Parliamentary Counsel heads the Legislative Drafting Department, which plays a critical role in the implementation of Government policy.

To transform Government's measures into Statutes and Statutory Instruments thereby ensuring that the proposed action is legally enforceable

To produce technically sound legislation for client Ministries; to advise the Government on the Constitution and all legal aspects of legislation, to advise Parliament on issues relating to Parliamentary procedure and legal matters and to accomplish the foregoing competently within the framework of excellent interpersonal relationships among the staff and that of client Ministries, the Cabinet and Parliament.

Roles and Functions
The main functions of the Legislative Drafting Department are as follows:

  To draft primary and secondary legislation as instructed by Cabinet or the Attorney General;
  To advise on the legal aspects of Bills and subsidiary legislation in Parliament;
  To advise the Attorney General on the constitutionality of legislation and other matters relating to same;

To advise the Parliament on matters relating to Parliamentary procedure, and other legal issues.


Ian Macintyre, SC

Chief Parliamentary Counsel

Contact Information.

Phone: 223-2452 Ext.3615