The Chief State Solicitor

Civil Law Department

The Chief State Solicitor provides legal services to other Government Ministries and Departments as well as to the members of the public. Its main functions are as follows:

  To focus on commercial and property law matters and in these areas serve both the Government and the public in the preparation of deeds and contracts for its commercial enterprises and for the engagement of consultants and other personnel
  To instruct the Solicitor General in Civil Litigation Matters

Legal Services provided to the public:


The Chief State Solicitor’s Department prepares legal agreements for all Government contracts awarded by the Central Tenders Board. This service is provided to the following:
General Contractors
Local and Foreign private sector companies
Individuals to whom contracts are awarded

The Chief State Solicitor’s Department:

Prepares, executes and registers:
  Deeds of Lease for State lands, for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Persons are therefore required to:
Apply to the Commissioner of State Lands to obtain a State Lease
  Reclamation Licenses and other Licenses (State Lands). Persons are therefore required to:
Apply to the Commissioner of State Lands for a Reclamation Licence
  Lease rental agreements, where the State is leasing properties from private individuals or companies.
  Provides legal advice to the Commissioner of State Lands in respect of the payment of compensation to persons from whom the State has acquired lands.
  Prepares Mortgage Bills of Sale for public officers accessing car laon facilities through the Controller of Accounts.
Administrator General
  Consultation and advice on estate and succession matters to members of the public as it relates to the application for Waiver of State Rights.
  Processing applications for the Waiver of State Rights to the estates of deceased persons who have no legal next of kin.
  Prepares the Deeds upon the Warrant of Authority being issued by the Attorney General.
Public Trustee
  Acts as Trustee or Executor of estates of deceased persons if so appointed under the Public Trustee Ordinance.
Mental Health Applications
  The Chief State Solicitor also can be appointed to administer the legal affairs of persons with mental disabilities.
Official Receiver
  The Chief State Solicitor is the Court appointed Receiver in matters relating to the winding-up of companies.