The Solicitor General

Civil Law Department
The Solicitor General’s Department performs a critical role in the administration of justice by:
  Advising the State on all aspects of Civil Law
  By representing the State in both Constitutional and Civil Proceedings
  By Assisting in the formulation and execution of Government policy within the limits of the law
   To Vet financial documents relating to loan agreements and bond issues on the domestic and international markets.
Public Services provided are:
  Grants Liquor Licences
  Appoints Commissioners of Affidavits/Justices of the Peace
Special Session Applications-Liquor Licences

A person needs to apply for a special session if they missed the regular hearing at the Magistrate Court or if it is their first application.
How to Apply
  The applicant must write a letter or come into office to fill out application form
  Give details of name, home address, telephone number, type of license required, address of business place and reason for missing the regular hearing.
Marriage Officer’s Licence Applications-
Existing Organizations

Here’s what you need:

  A Letter of Recommendation from the Head of the Organization
  Certificate of Ordinance-Applicants must be an ordained minister
  An application fee of $500 TT

On approval, a fee of $200 TT is required. Licences are a valid for 10 years and can be renewed at a cost of $100 TT.

Civil Marriage Officer’s Licence

Here’s what you need:

A letter which contains the following information:

  The length of time the church has been in existence
  Where services are held
  Names and positions of persons who make up the governing body.
  Approximate number of persons attending the church
  Whether there are any branch churches and where they are located

You will also need to produce:

  Specimen signatures of the local head and secretary of the church on the form enclosed
  Specimen of official church stamp
  Original Certificate of Recognition, whether the church is registered under the Companies Ordinance or recognized by an Act of Parliament.
  Certificate of Ordinance (Original) - applicant must be an Ordained Minister.
  A fee of $50 TT
For New Organizations

You will need:
  A letter from the Head of the Organization (present or previous) recommending the applicant to be a Marriage Officer.

This Licence is renewable after 10 years.

Special Session Applications 
Liquor Licences

A person needs to apply for a special session if one missed the regular hearing at the Magistrate Court or if it is one’s first- time application.

  The applicant must write a letter or come into The Ministry of the Attorney General & Legal Affairs to fill out application form.
  The Letter should indicate Name of the Applicant (Person’s Name on the License), Home Address, Contact Number, Type of License required, Address of the Business Place and Reason for Missing the Regular Hearing.
  The Approval takes seven (7) working days.
  The Applicant collects approval then goes to the relevant Magistrate Court for a hearing date and payment of fees.

For More Information, please see contact information below:

Phone: (868) 223-AGLA (2452)
Fax: (868) 226-5137
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.