Establishment of the Court

The Industrial Court was established on March 20, 1965 by section 5(1) of the Industrial Stabilisation Act. This act was repealed and replaced by the Industrial Relations Act, Chapter 88:01 on July 31, 1972.
The Industrial Court is a superior Court of record, and thus, it has a status that is equivalent to that of the High Court of Justice. Additionally, it is a specialised court with its own peculiar jurisdiction and it is responsible for dispensing social justice.

Role and Function

The principal role of the Court is to settle unresolved disputes and other matters which arise between employers and trade unions representing the workers employed by the employers under:


  • The Industrial Relations Act, Chapter 88:01
  • The Retrenchment and Severance Benefits Act, Chapter 88:13
  • The Maternity Protection Act, Chapter 45:57
  • The Minimum Wages (Amendment) Act, Chapter 88:04
  • The Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Act, Chapter 88:08


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